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Taxi 2

Taxi 2, a mixed-use project in downtown, industrial Denver, was the result of a unique collaboration between Harry Teague Architects, Will Bruder & Partners, David Baker & Partners, and Allen Brown & Partners.


Bold, straightforward massing and surprising 550ft length inform a dramatic first impression. TAXI 2 immediately displays an efficient A&E systems logic. The architectural material palette is an unadorned layering of raw materials, textures, colors and forms. The long 4-story building horizontally layers two levels of mixed business tenants below 44 residences. Light-filled interior common areas are whimsical, artful and socializing places, a community-enhancing force.


TAXI is a working and living community, an invigorating new addition to the cityscape. An orderly systems building with an eclectic and pluralistic public realm, TAXI 2 embraces the fragmentary character of modern urban life. It is durable, creative, inclusive, fluid, efficient, contrasting, changeable, multi-use, transparent, hybrid and sustainable. In architecture, art and landscape, it embraces the creative culture of the day.


Project Directory 
Owner: Zeppelin Development

Architect: Harry Teague Architects, Will Bruder & Partners, David Baker & Partners, and Allen Brown & Partners

Structural Engineer: KL+A

General Contractor: Mortenson Construction Company

Photography: Tim Hursley

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