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2020 Snowmass Base Village Building 6 – “The Collective” Awarded LEED® Gold


2019 Mountain Living, Top Architects & Designers

2018 Historic Preservation Committee- Historic Preservation Leaders, Berko Studio and Residence

2018 Historic Preservation Committee- Harry Teague Career Honor

2016 Honor Award, AIA Colorado Twenty-five Year Award- Anderson Ranch Arts Center

2016 Colorado Homes & Lifestyles- 2016 Circle of Excellence


2015 Honor Award, AIA Western Mountain Region - Pond Cluster, Bucksbaum Campus


2014 Honor Award, AIA Colorado West - Bucksbaum Campus


2012 Merit Award, AIA Colorado West - Roaring Fork Conservancy


2009 Merit Award, AIA Colorado - TAXI 2, Mixed Use Collaboration


2009 Honor Award, AIA Colorado West- Breckenridge Riverwalk Center


2009 Citation Award, AIA Colorado West- Basalt River Lofts/HTA Office


2008 Honor Award, AIA Colorado- Basalt River Lofts/HTA Office


2008 Honor Award, AIA Denver- TAXI 2, Mixed Use Collaboration


2008 Merit Award, AIA Colorado West- Cement Creek Residence


2005 Honor Award Aspen Historic Pres. Commission - Smuggler Street Residences


2004 Merit Award, AIA Colorado- Glacier House


2003 Merit Award, AIA Colorado West- Colorado Mountain College - Aspen 


2003 Honor Award, AIA Western Mtn. Region- Benedict Music Tent


2002 Business Week Finalist-  Hansen Construction Office


2002 Honor Award, AIA Colorado- Hallam Street Residence 


2002 Community Service Award- Harry Teague, Anderson Ranch Arts Center


2001 Merit Award, AIA Western Mountain Region - Hansen Construction Office Remodel

2001 Citation Award, AIA Colorado - Harman Residence (Unbuilt)


2001 Honor Award, Aspen Historic Pres. Commission- Harman Residence


2000 Architect of the Year,  AIA Colorado


2000 Honor Award, AIA Colorado- Hansen Construction Office (Interior)


2000 AIA Colorado West, Honor Award- Hallam Street Residence


2000 AIA Colorado West,  Honor Award- Hansen Construction Office   


2000 AIA Colorado West, Citation Award- Carbondale Community School

2000 AIA Colorado West, Honor Award- Benedict Music Tent (Interior)


2000 Honor Award, Colorado’s Best, Residential Architecture - Hacker Residence


1999 Citation Award, AIA Western Mountain Region- Carbondale Community School


1998 Merit Award, AIA Colorado West- Benedict Affordable Housing


1997 Honor Award, AIA Colorado- Benedict Affordable Housing


1997 Metropolitan Home Design, Metropolitan Home Magazine- 100 Hall of Fame


1997 Honor Award, AIA Colorado West- Aspen Center for Physics


1996 Merit Award, AIA Western Mountain Region- Harris Concert Hall


1995 Interiors Award, AIA Denver Chapter- Harris Concert Hall 


1994 Firm of the Year, AIA Western Mountain Region

1994 Citation Award, AIA Colorado- Steuben Aspen

1994 Merit Award, SEGD Awards  - Harris Hall (Society for Environmental Graphic Design)


1993 Firm of the Year, AIA Colorado


1993 Merit Award, AIA Denver- Steuben Glass 


1992 Wildcat Ranch Competition, Aspen, CO- First Prize


1992 Merit Award, AIA Western Colorado- Rotko Residence


1992 Metropolitan Home Design- 100 Hall of Fame


1992 Merit Award, AIA Western Colorado- Gertler Residence


1992 Honor Award, AIA Western Colorado - Marolt Housing


1991 Design Award, AIA Colorado- Rotko Residence


1989 Merit Award, AIA Colorado- Anderson Ranch Arts Center


1988 Honor Award, AIA Colorado- Gordon’s Roof Top Bar

1988 Honor Award, AIA Colorado- Jacobs V

1988 Architectural Biennale, Tiblisi, Georgia, Avenisi Camp, U.S.S.R. First Prize

1987 Honor Award,  AIA, Denver- Esprit Aspen 


1987 Honor Award, AIA Denver Chapter - Nuages (retail shop) 


1986 Honor Award, AIA Colorado- Davis-Provisor Residence


1984 Design Award, AIA Colorado- Hotel Lenado 


1982 “Record Houses”, Architectural Record- Boyles Residence

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