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General inquiries and resumes please contact info@teaguearch.com

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Since 1975, Harry Teague Architects has produced buildings that are shaped by the principle that design matters, and that well designed buildings can make a significant contribution to the well being of the individuals and communities who use them. With a design process that includes an unusual amount of pre-design research, site evaluation, and engagement with clients, users and stakeholders, HTA buildings have nurtured and inspired families, communities, businesses and institutions throughout the Rocky Mountain West and beyond for almost half a century.

Harry Teague, AIA

As the principal designer and founder of Harry Teague Architects, Harry Teague strives to produce an architecture for our time, architecture that has a positive effect on our society, and one that elevates the human spirit. An experienced builder, he has reinvented Colorado vernacular architecture and transformed it by his skilled and thoughtful introduction of contemporary materials and building technologies. His work has been included in several exhibitions on the subject of contemporary western architecture and architectural detailing.  


Harry grew up in Alpine, New Jersey, graduated from Dartmouth College in 1966, and has lived in Colorado since receiving his Masters in Architecture from the Yale School of Architecture in 1972.  He began his practice as a designer/builder, constructing all of his designs for seven years. His work has been published internationally, and has received numerous local, state and national design awards. He has lectured and taught throughout the country and has served on numerous professional national design award juries.  

Mary Ann Inouye  


Mary Ann continues her journey to explore her cultural interests by assisting the architects at HTA.  She brings with her over 25 years of architectural administration practice she developed while in New York City.  One of her most memorable consulting jobs was working at UNIFOR which she assisted the project coordinator for The New York Times (the client) for their office furniture order in the Renzo Piano tower.  Though having spent most her time in NYC, she is a California native and graduate of UC Berkeley who enjoys her father’s love of fly fishing and being surrounded by nature, best experienced for the first time this year, skinning up and skiing down Buttermilk and hiking near Marble.

Galen 2007.jpg

Galen Hoover, AIA

Galen is a project architect focusing residential projects in the Roaring Fork Valley. She has worked on residences for clients in Aspen and Basalt.

Galen holds a MArch from the University of Colorado at Denver.

Jeffrey Woodruff, Designer, 



Woodruff just completed the LEED filing for Snowmass Base Village / the Collective, was part of the framing crew at Habitat and was the contractor for a slate, steel and polycarbonate outdoor classroom for the Aspen Center for Physics. 


Jeffrey received his BA in Economics from Washington University in St Louis and a Master of Architecture from the University of Colorado at Denver.