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Steuben Aspen

This project is a retail environment that responds to the specialized demands of displaying small crystal objects while creating a new, more relaxed setting for the products of a company that has become synonymous with sophistication, tradition and formality. 

The design is influenced by the scale of the objects and by the unique requirements of lighting and displaying glass to emphasize its purity and detail, but this approach departs from previous glass display practice of creating a cool dark environment in which intensely lit glass is contrasted. Here, while the glass is seen against a dark background, the general ambience of the store is bright, filled with natural light and warmth of maple and cherry wood. 

Display cabinets float off the floor and shelves are suspended away from the walls, creating an environment of lightness, and adding to the magical quality of the glass. The plan gently encourages the adventure of discovery without detracting from the importance of the objects being displayed. A group of freestanding pedestals provide a special ambience for premier pieces, a window display that invites and allows further inspection. 

The glass objects being displayed range from utilitarian to decorative, but at their best the astonishing purity of the crystal creates miniature three dimensional worlds. The store provides windows into these worlds.

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