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This house for a couple, both of whom are artists, sits in the bottom of a gentle valley on the Western Slope of Colorado.  Protected by the shape of the valley, the house stands alone in a delicate, almost oriental landscape. 


The plan is very simple.  Two painting studios, located on the lower level, are divided by a painting storage area.  Thirteen foot ceilings and oversized doors accomodate large artwork. A winding stair leads from an entry foyer to the open living area where a long view of twin-peaked Mount Sopris is framed in the large window.  Bedrooms flank this open living area.


The ephemeral quality of the exterior is carried over into the interior by the way the owners painted the walls and ceiling.  Extremely subtle variations contradict expectations and reduce the confinement of the walls.  These effects indoors and out belie the simplicity and economy of the structure to add a new dimention to this essentially Paladian approach to a house in a landscape.


The renovation in 1992 turned the downstairs art studios into bedrooms for family members and guests.  The art storage area was converted into a small kitchen for guests.


Honor Award, AIA Colorado, 1986


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project directory


Harry Teague Architects, Harry Teague



Connors Construction, 0172 Horse Shoe Drive, Basalt, CO  81621



Timothy Hursley, 1911 W. Markham, Little Rock, AR  72205

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