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purple sage guest house

The basic “box within a box” plan compactly accommodates the program of art gallery, kitchen, dining room, bath, closet, and bedroom. The clear, simple rectilinear shape and purple color complement rather than blend into the exotic, delicate desert landscape. One of the reasons the house seems to fit so well is the extraordinary care the contractor took not to disturb the surrounding vegetation.


My House in the Mountain States, Kitchen & Bath Special Issue, "Durbable Materials and Lasting Good Looks," 2006

My House in the Mountain States, "A Tale of 2 Guesthouses," July/August 2005

project directory


Harry Teague Architects, Harry Teague, Brad Zeigel


Structural Engineer: 

Kaup Engineering, Inc., 1203 Bennett Avenue, P.O. Box 2235, Glenwood Springs, CO  81602



Conners Construction, 0172 Horse Shoe Drive, Basalt, CO  81621


Civil Engineer:

Zancanella and Associates, 1005 Cooper Avenue, Glenwood Springs, CO  81602



Thorney Lieberman, 5837 Rustic Knolls, Boulder, CO  80307

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