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Jackson Hole Community Center for the Arts

On December of 2004 construction was completed on the Arts & Education wing of the Center for the Arts in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The project includes specialized facilities for the performing, visual and media arts as well as several community meeting and special events spaces. It is envisioned as a versatile facility accessible to every one in the Jackson Hole community.


Located only two blocks from the main town square, the Center is designed as an important landmark for the town of Jackson and it is expected to become a downtown amenity that enhances civic life and supports the urban vitality.


The 95,000 s.f. program for the Community Center for the Arts is very diverse. The project has therefore not been thought of as a single monolithic complex but rather as a collection of diverse buildings, each unique and specific to the program it will house. The intent of the site design has been to take advantage of the richness of the program, activities and building types, creating an environment that is as diverse, inviting and as permeable as possible.


The performing arts component of the program is thought of as the centerpiece of the campus and, although it will possess monumentality appropriate for buildings of such civic importance, it will be conscious of Jackson’s small town character.

Project Directory

Architect           Harry Teague Architects

Planning           Town of Jackson

Land Survey/Civil Nelson Engineering

Geotechnical   Womack & Associates, Inc

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