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Although stylistically different from its historic neighbor, the design of the new residence maintains the established neighborhood scale and patterns found in Aspen’s historic West End.


The building addresses Smuggler Street with a single-story porch and entry.  The porch has similar proportions to the porch on the adjacent miner’s cabin and continues the traditional entry procession with exterior steps and columns.  Behind the porch, the house turns and orients itself towards the views of Aspen Mountain and Independence Pass.  This portion of the building is low where visible from the street and slowly rises and opens to the views from the second-story living spaces. 


Honor Award, Aspen Historic Preservation Commission, Smuggle Street Residences, 2005

Citation Award, AIA Colorado West Chapter, Unbuilt 2001


Mountain House & Home, "Modern History," April-August 2006

Western Interiors and Design, "Aspen Abstract," March/April 2006

project directory                    

Architect:                     Harry Teague Architects

                                    Harry Teague, Erik Hendrix, Patrick Leeds


Structural Engineer:    KL&A of Colorado

                                    805 14th Street

                                    Golden, CO  80401


Mechanical/Electical:  ME Engineers

Engineer                      10055 W. 43rd Avenue

                                    Wheatridge, CO  80033


Contractor:                  Minneo & Associates

                                    307 AABC – Unit F

                                    Aspen, CO  81611


Geotech Engineer:      Hepworth Pawlak

                                    5020 County Road 154

                                    Glenwood Springs, CO  81601

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