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Crestone Charter School

In 2009, the submitting architects helped the Crestone Charter School procure a site and a state-funded BEST grant for a new school. The new building was designed to fulfill the mission of the school and the dreams of the surrounding community.


The school serves approximately 125, K-12 students in multi-age classrooms with the high school on the upper floor. The building’s form provides a variety of outdoor spaces for play and learning. A garage door opens to extend the internal common area to a protected (from wind) courtyard for events, performances, and concerts. All classrooms have direct or convenient exterior access. 


With some offsite solar electricity, the school has achieved a Net-Zero energy balance and been awarded a Verified Leader (equivalent to LEED Gold) CoCHPS certification. The project has become a landmark and a community center for the surrounding area, serving students, teachers and the community at large.

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