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Aspen Country Day School

The process of reshaping an existing campus just outside of Aspen has been a collaborative effort between the Aspen Music Festival and School and the Aspen Country Day School.  The campus is shared between two organizations that optimize the site throughout the year.  Aspen Music Festival and School is nearing their first complete summer season on the new campus.  Aspen Country Day school occupies the site during the school year and is looking forward to capitalizing on the excitement.

Harry Teague Architects balanced the needs and constraints of both clients. a complete master plan and architectural design was subsequently developed. The proposed architecture preserves the natural environment through the careful placement of new buildings as well as through the reuse of existing building locations where possible. The choice of low-maintenance materials is a direct response to the harsh environment of the steep, narrow canyon site and an opportunity to use both modern and traditional systems in a fresh manner. The forms of the buildings resolve the acoustic requirements of the Music School and the more intimate needs of the Country Day School. The overall campus design provides a truly unique response to a complex geographic condition, and the individual buildings and spaces within reflect the quality and scale that enhances the learning experience.

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