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The site is located on a relatively narrow bench of land, situated along the western slopes of Red Mountain in Aspen, Colorado.  The site is part of the Erickson Ranch property, with the house building envelope located within Lot 1 of the subdivision.  Access to the Ranch is via a private road branching off of Draw Drive. 

Natural Corridors:   Since the demise of ranching on the Ranch, the land has been returned to it’s natural state.  The site is divided between woodlands and open meadow.  The woodlands are comprised of mainly Blue Spruce, aspens, and scrub oak trees.   A stream flows through the woodlands down a small valley on the northern portion of the Ranch and is home to beavers.  The open meadow is habitat to a variety of native grasses along with a large wetland area.  A herd of elk can often be seen on the Ranch, who come to graze in the meadow and feed on the aspens.       


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