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Bird Cloud Residence

A continuation of the linear house forms like the Boarder House. The house was a conglomerate of several ideas and metaphors. The form resembles an upside down boat facing the wind. The house form relates to Sheep Rock (across the Platte River) that silhouettes the house as one approaches the property. It is a historic Wyoming ranch form. The house reflects the author’s personality and quirks in that it is closed to the south (approach public side) and very open to the river and Sheep Rock (north private side). This orientation also works for her artwork and library; most of the windows are on the north providing indirect light with little uv. The library is the most secluded space in the house to minimize distraction while Annie is working; it has only two slit windows for viewing the outside but full clearstory for good daylight. All north views frame Sheep Rock and the Platte River. The house is very much about privacy, views, and light. The house is linear with a “bar” that breaks the main axis of the form; this is meant to represent the dark side in Annie’s personality and writing.   

Project Directory

Architect:         Harry Teague Architects

Structural Engineer: KL&A

Landscape Architect: Trees Unlimited, Saratoga, WY.

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