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Bastal River Lofts- Work

The building is a mixed-use project with four residential lofts above and three office spaces, including Harry Teague Architects’, below. The crenulated street façade quietly refers to the Western storefronts of nearby “Old Town” Basalt, while the strong horizontal emphasis relates to the speeding cars of the adjacent highway. The residential lofts are intentionally simple and spare, inviting improvisation by the owners. The project is aggressively green, with hydronic radiant heat supplied by ten solar panels, a 10Kwh photovoltaic system that produces double the commercial consumption, dark colored metal cladding that has an Energy Star and LEED certified reflectivity rating, and the project is within walking distance of the bus stop and downtown Basalt. 

Project Directory

Architect: Harry Teague Architects

Structural Engineer: KL+A

General Contractor: Crystal Springs Builders

Landscape Architect: Mt. Daly Enterprises

Geotechnical: CTL/Thompson, Inc

Photography: Wayne Thom

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