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Aspen Historic Preservation to Honor Berko Project & Harry Teague

Today May 29, HPC Awards Historic Preservation Leaders. Included among the three projects to be honored is HTA's Berko Studio & Residence project 211/215 E. Hallam Street. Accepting this honor with Harry is our Matt Armentrout, Project Architect who inherited the project from Gabe Bergeron our former Project Architect.

And HPC honors the career of Harry Teague. An acclaimed architect, Teague has won multiple awards from HPC and others for his preservation work and for new design contributions that enrich Aspen’s built environment.

Awards to be Presented at City Council, Tuesday, May 29th, 5 p.m. The awards will be presented right at the beginning of the City Council meeting, at 5 p.m. in the basement of Aspen City Hall. The awards will be announced by former HTA employee Jeff Halferty (Jeff is Vice-Chair of HPC) with assistance from City Council.

Live Stream of the award ceremony and archive can be found at…/City-Webcast-Meetings-Agendas

To learn more about this project go to our website at

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